330 West Felicita Ave., B-9
Escondido, CA 92025

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Pizza Amore - Escondido, CA - About Us - Testimonials

Trish S. 8/2014
Holy giant pizza batman!!

I had a slew of boys from SOS Entertainment helping out with the prep and production for an event last week and having grown up with brothers, I know my duty. Feed them.

A quick Yelp search found the nearest pizza place with a good rating and supposed “giant” pizzas-I ordered two, and I should have listened on the phone when he said I probably ordered too much. Only one pizza? There’s no way it was going to be that big right?


I had to put down the seats in my car and put this pizza in through the trunk it was so huge!! I’m not kidding. The owner, a lovely gentleman-the owner, I believe, even had to help me arrange it and get it out the door!

Beyond the sheer monstrous size, it was also delicious and affordable, about 60 bucks for 2 of them and while I know you’re thinking 30 bucks per pizza?! when you see it you’ll feel like it’s a steal.

Ehler’s Electric 8/2014
They make the best pizza!!!!! They never mess the order up like every other pizza place. Love this place.

Jen F. 2/2014
My husband brought food home from Pizza Amore one night because he had a coupon. Now, the pizza was not my favorite, but what did earn the 5 stars was their lasagna! Wow! Party in my mouth! The flavors were awesome. The sauce was really tasty. They loaded the lasagna with plenty of meats and cheeses. It was better than I could make, even if I had an unlimited amount of money for the ingredients and a few days to simmer the sauce.

I asked for their lasagna as my birthday dinner. It was wonderful. Everyone cleaned their plate; my 8 year old licked his clean! lol!

Now, we need to attend a Memorial Service for my recently passed Mother-In-Law. I ordered a large pan of lasagna for $30.00, which will easily serve 15 people. I am hoping they make it as good as they have in the past. I trust they will. Thank you, Pizza Amore, for providing such quality food for reasonable prices.

I am just glad not to have to cook and have a place I can rely on for making consistently good lasagna.

Elizabeth L. 6/2014
Good affordable New York style pizza. I recommend ordering the pizza to-go because the establishment has a small dining area which is typically warm from the pizza ovens.

Juan A. 3/2014
I love pizza Amore!!!!! They serve a great New York style pizza which is really hard to get here in Cali. Been going to this place for years now and no one comes close, and trust me I consider myself a pizza connoisseur! I have pizza at least 3 times a week and 80% of the times I get pizza I get Amore! Wings are average but still good. They have a $5.25 14″ pepperoni if your on a budget, thanks pizza Amore for existing!

Jessie R. 4/2014
Second time reviewing this place and I’m seriously never disappointed. Their quality is fantastic and I recently tried their new gluten free pizza, it comes in one size,I think it’s a 14 inch and wow! I will be ordering that again

Angela S. 3/2014
This is the place to go for great food in Escondido ! From pizza to salads and their famous lasagna…. Food is fresh, well balanced with the right spices. Excellent customer service and quick delivery if desired. We order almost every weekend…

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